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May 7, 2014: Verdict On Sex Ed In Tempe

Posted: 2014-04-28

Peggy McClain 4-28-14 The Education Action Network

PLEASE PLAN TO ATTEND:  May 7, 2014  7PM Compadre High School  500 W. Guadalupe Rd. Tempe (NW corner of Guadalupe and Kyrene)

The Tempe Union High School Board will give its thumbs up or down to the FLASH (Planned Parenthood sex ed curriculum) which was recommended by its Sex Ed Committee.

It is important that those opposed to this curriculum or any comprehensive (anything goes, agenda driven) sex ed curriculum attend this meeting.  If you feel inclined, please sign a card to speak when you arrive.  You will not have to speak long, they only allow 3 minutes maximum per person.

School boards are generally not used to the public taking an interest in their doings.  The Sex Ed Committee must have really gotten annoyed with taxpayer input because at their final meeting they didn't allow any public comments.

So let's politely remind the TUHSD Board who they represent.  The Committee was appointed and answers to nobody.  But the Board is elected by you, the taxpayers.  Ethically they are to represent the voters.  They need to hear what we think.  They need to hear our concerns.  They need to be reminded about SB1009 to save our district from a possible lawsuit for non-compliance. 

They need to be reminded of two conflicts of interest:  One is a sitting Board member has received campaign contributions from Planned Parenthood.  The other is a second Board member is the mother to one of the Sex Ed committee members.  It will be difficult for either member to make an unbiased decision under the circumstances.

We welcome citizens from other districts who have a desire to attend.  If FLASH is approved, Planned Parenthood will see this as an opportunity to infiltrate every district in the state.  If FLASH is declined, Planned Parenthood will fight even harder to break into some district somewhere, somehow.   Let's make a statement.

In case you haven't heard, Planned Parenthood has already made public its plans to spread into the city of Yuma--its schools, PTAs, and churches. 

Thank you to everyone around the valley for their help and support this spring.  We have only just begun.


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