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RINO ALERT! David Pheanis

Posted: 2014-05-15

Bill Baxter 5-14-14

New developments:

If you haven't heard, there is a new candidate for LD18 House.  His name is David Pheanis.  He is running with Dial and Robson and they will run as a slate.  Pheanis is a weathy guy, able to drop a lot of money into this race.  He is a nationally known technical expert and an associate professor at ASU. 

He is also a total RINO and thinks Dial and Robson are 'thoughtful'.  OMG.  He is a Dem masquerading as a Republican and wants to continue the current de facto Democrat legislative majority, and in fact, grow it.  He really likes Steve Pierce (the RINO former Az Senate President) and would like to see him reinstated.

I have this information in his own written words.

The point of this email is this:

John King still needs some signatures to get on the ballot.  We can NOT let these guys run without a full challenge.

If you would be willing to get a few sigs, please let me know.  They need to be done in the next week.  Even 5 or 10 helps.

Please let me know if you can get some sigs and I will get the petitions to you.


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Previous Comments

From: Posted on: 2014-05-27

I suppose I should have answered the comment that he was "a wealthy guy" as well. He has worked really hard his entire life, both on the faculty of ASU and by investing in local real estate. He lived very frugally and invested nearly everything he earned to become financially secure. Isn't that the sort of man you'd like representing you? 

From: Posted on: 2014-05-27

Wow! You may be correct about these other GOP candidates, but you are wrong about David Pheanis. I've known this man all of my life, since we grew up together in Ohio. He is the most idealogically conservative man I've ever known. He may be associated with other GOP candidates as a part of this primary process, but he is firmly in our camp. You should take a moment to actually speak to him about the issues before you declare that he's a RINO. He isn't!  Take the time to find out and take advantage of an opportunity to add a real conservative to the corrupted GOP ranks of RINOS.


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