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AZGOP Chairman Robert Graham Goes Rogue!

Posted: 2014-11-23

If you are a precinct committeeman, you will be attending your Reorganization meetings the next couple of weeks (some of you have already been to yours) and you may be wondering why AZGOP Chairman Robert Graham sent out a message to ALL Legislative District Republican Committee Chairmen that they needed to keep these meetings open to meet the Open Meetings law. WHAT???

Most Chairs are pretty astute and they asked the same question: What are you talking about???

Legislative Districts are NOT government agencies that come under open meetings laws. They are private "clubs" that meet in private locations that they pay for. No public monies are used to run these districts. Legislative District Committees are not even connected to the State Party or the State Party Chairman. They come under the respective County parties around the state. So this message about having to come under open meetings laws was a clear irrelevant message.

Some districts complied completely. Some closed their doors to all except those who were supposed to be there - precinct committeemen duly elected, officials required for the exercise of the election of officers and state committeemen and those PCs who needed assistance for some valid reason. Period! And some districts let in a few extra folks to avoid a conflict with.... who? Who would really care who is at these meetings outside of the PCs involved?

Senator John McCain. If you are a chairman of a district and you fell for the "open meetings law" lie, you have been scammed. Senator McCain issued this mandate to Chairman Graham who willingly, and erroneously, complied. Why? The "good" Senator is holding a grudge over the censure by Precinct Committeemen and State Committeemen across the state last January. Why was McCain censured in the first place? For a perfectly good reason. McCain has long since forgotten his place. He works for US, the voters and CITIZENS of Arizona. NOT the illegal residents here. NOT the leadership in Washington, DC. NOT special interests and foreign dignitaries. US!

McCain, through paid surrogates in Arizona, spent about $250,000 through his PAC registered in Virginia to unseat conservative Precinct Committeemen across the state with some success. The force of the message from Chairman Graham, sent, no doubt, at the behest and pressure of Senator McCain, was to allow McCain surrogates to crash district meetings to try to prevent conservatives from getting elected to State Committeeman status.

Team members from AFA have personally witnessed this. A little guy from McCain's Twerp Brigade and a nasty PC being paid, we've been told, $10,000 per month, are going to those districts that are conservative or mostly conservative to intimidate district officials. BEWARE: they are taking proxies away from credentials committees and rifiling through them to see who carried which proxies, going through sign in sheets to find out the names of those in attendance, making claims and demands that certain proxies are illegal when they are not, doing anything they can to subvert the normal process.

DON'T BE FOOLED!! They have no rights at your meeting. Don't let them in!!! They are working against anyone perceived to be a conservative. McCain will run for the Senate again and he needs to keep Graham in place to facilitate his desires. That is why the intimidation of conservatives leaders at the district level.


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From: Posted on: 2016-05-10

This potinsg knocked my socks off

From: Posted on: 2014-11-24

Already pulled this in LD16 on the Marocpa side, bascially dviding the people into two camps.


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