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Help For Tracy Ireland

Posted: 2015-06-24


This is Tracy Ireland:
She was literally pulled out of her home in Tempe by a woman police officer at midnight, who was 
pretending to be a neighbor.  It was this same woman police officer who was at her home about a year earlier 
when Tracy’s mom died.  Her mom was 94 at the time.  That woman police officer reported a charge against 
Tracy a few days after her mom died, claiming that the condition of the house may have been considered 
“possible abuse of an elder”, which would be a felony charge against her if it was true.  The woman police 
officer claimed that the police had been trying to get in touch with her for a year and had sent her summons to 
appear in court.  THIS was proven false, it was admitted later that the police had never actually mailed her 
any summons, so when the woman police officer showed up at her door a year later, it was the first that Tracy 
had ever heard about this charge.  By the way, during that year an extremely distraught Tracy had been going 
to ‘mourning recovery’ sessions at First Baptist Church in Tempe.  

Tracy was grabbed by the police woman at midnight and in her pajamas as if she were a criminal and might 
make a run for it.  She was put in jail and no-one was allowed to see, and was only allowed to make a couple 
phone calls.  The gentleman in the picture is Chaplain Joseph Donvito, and he is one of the people she called.  
Even he wasn’t allowed to see her for several days with no reason given.  (thank you Tempe Police Dept, our 
protectors and the ones we rely on to keep us safe) 
An angel named Ron Harders put up the initial deposit for bail, $1,250, signed for the remainder, $1,750, 
and Tracy was released after 5 days.  Ron is not an affluent person however and needs that money returned, 
though he is definitely going to chip in for the costs of her bail and attorney which she is in need of.  
We all know that difficult times are upon us.  I as a pastor especially try to get the word out that “The 
World” is not only ‘not’ our friend, but has become our sworn enemy. This event with Tracy is just the tip of 
the iceberg, and a wake-up call from God, that it’s going to get rougher from here going forward.  Now is the 
time that we must start helping each other, no excuses.  The World today is Not the same world we grew up 
We would very much appreciate help to repay Ron Harders and are in need of a lawyer for Tracy.  A 
lawyer working ‘gratis’ would be nice but one working at a reduced fee would also work.  Please help us.
Larry Grafanakis
Pastor, ACTS Messianic Cong.,  Tempe 
To send funds, please contact 
Francine of the Glendale Tea Party at:
Or me, Larry Grafanakis, at: 623-628-2610,  el-graf@cox.net

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