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Dog Nearly Dies From Injesting Discarded Marijuana On Dog Walk

Posted: 2018-12-26

[EVNN NOTE: The following is a post from A local neighbor news blog]
Safety for your dogs!!

I always walk our little 10.5lb dog in our neighborhood sometimes twice a day. This morning I took her on our longer walk which took us past the entrance to our neighborhood. The entrance that comes off of Val Vista on to Brett St., walking on the sidewalk in front of the rocks. She was doing what most dogs do..sniffing around and picked something up in her mouth. Before I could get it from her she had already swallowed it. So by now you might be asking what was it?? Well I didn't think anything about it, until about and hour later when she became lethargic and not able to stand or walk. So I rushed her to the Vet and from there had to take her to animal emergency critical care hospital. Four hours and 1300 dollars later, blood test, urine test, IV's and a night in the hospital tonight. Our baby girl tested positive for marijuana!!! Mad doesn't even describe how we are feeling tonight!! Who would be so inconsiderate to just toss their leftover marijuana where an innocent dog, or possibly child find it. This could have been fatal for our dog if I had not be attentive to her actions. So I'm posting because I don't want this to happen to anyone else's dog or child. Please be mindful when you are walking your dogs and what they may pick up and put in their mouths.

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