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Book: Lone Survivor

Posted: 2014-01-15

1-9-14 Arizona Freedon Alliance


'Patriots' and 'hero' are two words we toss around often, so much so that they have lost some of their punch.

There is a true example of both those words in Marcus Luttrell.  This is the amazing young man who was a Navy Seal and the only survivor of a rescue mission in Afghanistan.  Read the book, Lone Survivor, that he wrote about what happened and the actions he took to become the lone survivor.  It's a book about determination and hope and God's grace.

We've been told he will appear on GBTV tonight at 10 pm on Dish Satellite 212.  Friday on O'Reilly.  His movie opens on Friday as well.  This is the story for the ages, a road map for survival through critical thinking.  And a tribute to the training these young men get as a Navy Seal.

Interesting story: a year or so after the book came out and Luttrell had returned to his home deep in the East Texas Piney Woods, he heard a commotion in his front yard one dark night.  When he went out, he saw a pickup speeding away and his beloved dog, the dog who was his therapy to get through the difficult times after his experiences in Afghanistan, had been shot dead.  Marcus jumped in his truck and chased the perpetrators until he caught them and hauled them to the Sheriff.  Don't mess with Navy Seals and don't mess with TEXAS Navy Seals especially!

This story will bring you to tears and give everyone a true look at courage.  May God bless this young man.

For liberty.

The AFA Team 

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