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Vote No On The Gilbert Override!

Islamists Run The Largest Charter School Network In the USA!

The 135 charter schools associated with the Gulen Movement (GM) enroll more than 45,000 students and comprise the largest charter school network in the United States — all of which are fully funded by American taxpayers. Fethullah Gulen has been under investigation by the government since 2011. Although the GM and the Muslim Brotherhood ( MB) are not known to be linked, the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) is a known terrorist front group that has succeeded in influencing public education in America. MORE>

Published on Mar 19, 2014

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COMMON CORE: Julie Smith Asks Huppenthal To Pull Arizona Out Of Common Core (Update) 

Published on Oct 1, 2013 Published on Sep 1, 2013 East Valley NewsNet ~Presents~ Common Core:School Board Member Asks John Huppenthal To Pull Arizona Out Of Common Core On Tuesday August 27, 2013, at the Gilbert Public Schools Governing Board Meeting, board member Julie Smith asked John Huppenthal, Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction to pull Common Core out of Arizona. ( For the latest East Valley news visit EVNN on the web: www, on youtube: EastValleyNewsNet channel )


Shane Stapley Speaks To
Higley Lame Ducks 11-13-12 
Gilbert Students Exploited In
Shameless Propaganda Film


VIDEO: 10/30/2013 - Common Core State Standards Symposium - Oct 30th, 2013



GSInfo gets SLAPPed by GPS Admin (Mrs. Barb VeNard – Assistant Superintendent)

By Shane Stapley - Former GPS Board Member, on September 25th, 2012

GilbertSchools.Info website tech support and site manager Shane Stapley recently received a legal complaint regarding a past article posted on the site. The article: “Did the 2007 Voter Approved Override Buy what GPS Promised?” was the substance of the complaint issued by Barb VeNard’s (GPS Assistant-Superintendent) legal representatives. The complaint claims that the article contains false and defamatory information with a “cease and desist” demand. Click: VeNard-SLAPP to see the complaint letter received from Mrs. VeNard’s attorney.

So what about the article that caused all the Hub-Bub?? More...


Learn More About The Gilbert Override:


No Wonder GPS Wants More Money-See Where The Money Went

Westie Connect 10-14-13

We wonder why Gilbert Public Schools protects the Loose Zipper Brigade with such intensity. As Karma would have it, some important information fell into our laps during one of our recent visits to GPS to review public records.

The Loose Zipper Brigade presides over an enormous amount of money that comes from Title I and Title II grants. We found the 2011 report for those funds, which were supposed to be used for “improving teacher quality.” When you see how GPS actually spent this money,...



This tells you all you need to know about why the Override
is not necessary in Gilbert. Per pupil spending has increased
at a rate that significantly outpaces inflation, while the
% of dollars spent in the classroom has declined.
Where have they spent all the money?

OCTOBER 12, 2013
Gilbert Schools Receives Money from Multiple Sources, but they Want More. Vote NO to the Override.

by Julie Farnsworth

Gilbert Unified School District Parent
LD12 Precinct Committeeman

The 2012-2013 Gilbert school year operated on a $300 million plus budget.  The school district operates with funding from multiple sources, including state tax dollars, federal tax dollars, primary property taxes, secondary bond monies, the current override, some corporate/private funding, plus additional fees collected from parents (e.g., fees for certain classes, sports, parking, etc.).  Throughout the year, Gilbert Unified School District receives hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations and equipment, including laptop computers.  Citizens also donate money every year which they can deduct from their state tax return in the form of  a tax credit.  The School District uses this money for curricular activities.

Please click the “Read More” link below for the rest of the story.
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Gilbert Schools Want Property Tax Override,
Yet Still Squanders Money
OCTOBER 5, 2013

by Gilbert Fidler

"The Gilbert School District continues to ask for overrides while

continuing to squander public tax dollars.  

Here are some examples:

  1. Lack of oversight in vendor "no-bid" contracts.
  2. Unreported donations to schools.
  3. Monies "floating around" in schools with no oversight.
  4. Bloated bureaucracy.

Click the “Read More” link below for the rest of the article.

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Introducing Support Strong Schools:
Get the Facts On The Gilbert Override

October 5, 2013

Please visit the new website Support Strong Schools: Get the Facts 

for information about Voting NO to the Gilbert Unified School District's

6.6% property tax override.  The override election will be held on

November 5, 2013.  Early ballots will be mailed to Gilbert voters on October 10.  

This special, off cycle election

will cost Gilbert Public Schools taxpayers about $350,000.   

What do we mean by "off cycle"?...

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Not Another Override In Gilbert!

SEPTEMBER 27, 2013 GilbertWatch 

by Jeff Smith
September 27, 2013

I saw a sign encouraging me to vote yes on the Override. 

Imagine my delight  as I learned this wouldn’t be an

expense of any sort, but rather, an investment! 

Furthermore, I learned it all will happen without a

tax increase!  Then an elf promised to spin straw

into gold for me, but he disappeared, so you’ll

just have to take my word for it. I am compelled to

address this dishonest campaign being waged by

the Override machine. First, the idea that somehow

the Override isn’t a tax increase.  This is patently false. 

If the Override isn’t a tax increase, why does it

have to go to the voter’s at all?  Why must the board send it

to the ballot if it isn’t a tax increase?  Of course

the Override is a tax increase.  If it passes, our property taxes

will be higher than if it doesn’t pass.  That’s the very

definition of a tax increase.  Q.E.D.

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Former Gilbert Public Schools Governing Board Shoots Down Prayer At Board Meetings 9-4-12:

Mesa’s God is UNWELCOME in Gilbert

By GPSInformer, on September 10th, 2012

In Congress, in Washington D.C., in Arizona’s State Legislature, and even in Mesa’s School Board meetings, before any business is conducted, one of the first items on the agenda is to start the meeting with prayer. In Gilbert’s school board meetings, this is not the case… nor has it been for some time. But for now… it’s the way it will be, because the God of our Congress, our State Legislature, and even Mesa’s board meetings, is not welcome in Gilbert’s. Moreover, board members have decided it’s not even worth discussion.

On Sept 4, 2012 during a GPS school board meeting held at district offices, an item appeared on the agenda to allow discussion of opening future board meetings with a non-denominational invocation. More...

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