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LGBT Ordinances Coming to YOUR City- Identity politics in full swing!

Posted: 2015-09-29

Arizona Freedom Alliance 9-28-15

If you are one of the four or five people who read the Arizona Republic (aka Repugnant or Repulsive, in case you don't recognize its given name), there was an article about LGBT inequality on Sunday, calling for "equality" in hiring practices relating to the LGBT community.

You may think this is an Arizona issue since several of our Arizona cities have already adopted such an ordinance: Phoenix, Tucson, Flagstaff and Tempe.  Other smaller cities are considering such an ordinance.  In fact, this is a progressive leftist movement of identity politics sweeping across the country.  When you talk to your own local council members if they bring up this issue, they will claim that they just suddenly realized this is a problem in their city that needs to be rectified.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

This is nothing short of the latest attempt by the progressives to destroy the family.  This has been going on for decades, slowly like the sunset when you suddenly realize, "how did it get so dark?"  Examples of this is same-sex marriage (the Supreme Court did NOT make this "the law of the land," Carly!  It simply said it is not unconstitutional); Betty Friedan and the women's liberation movement (Fathers for Life) that pushed for divorce on demand; the war on men from a few years ago; assault on the church;  the guilt trip put on family's that had more than two children claiming it was bad for the environment; out of wedlock births; transgender public restrooms; the drug culture of the 60's that never quit and worst of all, abortion on demand.  

America can only thrive when families are in tact and functioning.

How have city councils been successful in convincing residents that LGBT "inequality" is a problem?  AGallup poll measured the percentage of LGBT demographic in America: The percentage of adults in the United States who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT) ranges from 1.7% in North Dakota [conservtive] to 5.1% in Hawaii [liberal] and 10% in the District of Columbia [ultra liberal progressive], according to findings from a new study released by Williams Institute Distinguished Scholar, Gary J. Gates, and Gallup Editor-in-Chief, Frank Newport. The study is the largest population-based survey ever conducted that includes measurement of LGBT identification.  In Arizona, the bulk of the LGBT residents are found in Tucson and Phoenix.  Cities like Scottsdale, for instance, have about 1.8% of residents who self identify in this group.  All other states measure under 5%.

Make no mistake: there has never been any major complaints of discrimination of LGBT in hiring practices, services provided or other problems in Arizona cities.  Several months ago, this issue was brought to the Scottsdale City Council by Councilmember Virginia Korte, herself a member of that demographic.  The council voted 5-2 against addressing that issue.  Shortly thereafter, Mayor Jim Lane contacted two cities to see what their degree of problem existed.  It was revealed in these two cities, two combined complaints were filed and both were resolved with a phone call.  Folks, this is NOT a problem here.  Nonetheless, Korte joined with her fellow Councilmember, Linda Milhaven, to convince two other council members, David Smith and Kathy Littlefield, that this was a problem that needed a solution.  They had the votes to force a "study."  This is trading on, and depending on, guilt to carry the day.  If they can make people feel guilty like has been done with what is commonly called "white guilt about slavery," this movement will make headway.  

This is nothing less than affirmative action for the LGBT community.  It also seems that by a large majority, LGBT members do not want to be treated differently than any others, that they are able to take care of any issues that come up, adults that they are!  But no, the movement has been successful in finding a "dupe" on councils across America and convinced them to ignore their lying eyes and 'see' that this is a big problem.  In fact, the problems usually start after these ordinances are in place, having empowered a previously rational group of people to THINK they need cities to protect them or that they need special treatment others don't get.

This is another grand scam being perpetrated on Americans.  More division via identity politics is good for the progressives hell-bent on destroying America at any cost.  When this comes to your city, and it will, don't say NO, say hell no! America doesn't need to be even more divided than we already are!

Progressive motto:  Divide and conquer!


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