Are you concerned about our educational system! If not, you should be! Often times, we are told that the teachers are the problem. Has anybody ever bothered to ask the teachers though? The harsh truth is that many of our nation’s educators are walking into their classrooms each morning in virtual handcuffs, getting out their boxed curriculum and delivering it with no more passion than a robot. Why? I Will NOT Resign is the startling story behind our classroom doors, written by an elementary school teacher who was forced to leave the career she loved the most. Come and take a walk through the hallways of our country’s schools. See what our teachers have to go through. It matters to each one of you. These people are teaching your children, your grandchildren, and your future. You will be surprised. Hot topics addressed in the book:
  • how much stress is too much stress?
  • what’s this doing to our families?
  • what is the fallout for our students?
  • what happens when you rock the boat?
  • musical chairs – what will change next?
  • is there any magic left in teaching?
  • do we have any power?
  • where is our voice?
  • what can we possibly do about it?