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Patriots Storm The Barricades At Lincoln Memorial

Posted: 2013-10-13

Published on Oct 12, 2013 Check out this video of tourists in D.C. storming past the barricades to see the Lincoln Memorial. Video By


  • I was there as one of the original 7 organizers. We drove from Iowa to exercise our rights! We are so happy hundreds more answered the call and joined us.  Follow the event at #freedcproject memorialmilitia . com
  • When 'the government' does something stupid, undo it!
  • Mr. Gorbamachev, tear down this wall!
  • This is exactly the kind of peaceful civil disobedience MLK would be proud of. You guys are patriots.
  • It's OURS! Screw the government!
  • It's good to be king, eh Barry?
  • Thank you, Memorial Militia!
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