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Doug Ducey links showing he is tied to big government

Posted: 2014-07-12


7-7-14 Wes Harris
We "Frederick Douglass Republicans" who believe in the U.S. Constitution, Small Government, Free Markets and Personal Responsibility have been working hard both inside the Republican Party and outside through the various Tea Parties to rid our side from so called "Establishment" Republicans.  We have been successful from time to time but now we have some of these same people backing some more like minded people for public office like Doug Ducey.  It is much easier to eliminate "Establishment" Republicans before they are elected than after...alla John McCain for instance.  I urge you to campaign for a true "Frederick Douglass Republican" like Frank Riggs and defeat the "Establishment Republicans" in the upcoming primary election this next month. 

Doug often uses the phrase "You are judged by the company you keep".  Well the attached details some of the 'company' Doug keeps and these are not the 'company' I want to keep.  How about you?  Still not convinced...look at who he has hired to run the various segments of his campaign.  The architect that took down our Conservative Senator and Senate President Russell Pearce to name just one.  Then there are the 'dark money' people recently hired (See Scott Smith's Formal Complaint filed with the SOS)...and the list continues.  Doug has and is surrounding himself with all of the people that we are fighting against.  And he claims to be 'Conservative'?  What kind of conservative is he?  Surely not a 'Frederick Douglass Conservative'!





Here is the link to the Gubernatorial Forum I attended at the Phoenix Convention Center on June 6th:

On 06/16/14 05:45, AZ SchoolChoice wrote:
Dinah and Gene,

This is the e-mail I promised showing how Doug Ducey is backed by "big government" supporters. Senator McCain supported him for office numerous times, former Senator Jon Kyl helped him in his exploratory committee for governor and Dr. Craig Barrett donated to his campaign for Maricopa County Treasurer. His campaign promises are "open ended" and weak. I heard him speak recently with all of the others running for governor at a forum at the Phoenix Convention center. This was televised on Channel 12 news and Arizona Central (an on-line newspaper) as well. His stance on Common Core is "I'm for higher standards and expanding charter schools." So is Craig Barrett, the Chairman of Achieve who donated to your campaign, and was directly involved in the creation of Common Core (see attached financial disclosure document). 

He continually avoided answering questions about Medicaid. They finally squeezed an answer out of him which he said "He would live with what was put in place for Medicaid expansion for 3 more years and then do something about it." Basically, do nothing, until we are forced to look at it again in 3 more years when our contract expires.

He would not answer questions about SB1062 about his campaign leader who wrote this law. Complete avoidance of the question.

Ducey has LOADS of money for his radio ads, TV commericials and fliers...he is the "establishment-funded candidate" backed by "big government" money. Do not be fooled by Ducey, read these articles!


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