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Robson/Dial Deathly Afraid....

Posted: 2014-07-27


7-27-14 Mike Richardson The Patriots Corner On Facebook

Most voters are aware that last year some of our elected legislators sold their votes.  Governor Brewer, during her campaign to stick us taxpayers with Billions of Dollars of liabilities for funding Medicaid Expansion, found willing partners in the Chamber of Commerce and various Hospital and Health Care Providers.  Her partners paid for the expensive public relations campaign and vowed to pay the “Coalition of Corruption” Legislators for their votes.

In the middle of the night they, during a special session called by the Governor, rolled the Republican House and Senate leadership and took over the Arizona Government.  By voting with every Democrat, 15 of our legislators passed a budget that included the massive multi Billion Dollar tax increase that ultimately goes into the pockets of the bribe payers.

There were 3 such Legislators from LD18 who took part in this unethical if not illegal vote selling, Jeff Dial, Bob Robson, and John McComish. Now that the votes have been cast and the bribe money is flowing in, Dial-Robson-McComish don’t want the voters to know what they did.

Many people have been working very hard throughout the state to inform the citizens of these astonishingly crooked deals that have stained our State Government forever, and have been met with aggressive and illegal acts perpetrated by these same Chicago style goons.  I have been installing the “Arrow of Truth” signs throughout LD18 to inform the public about these aforementioned “Statesmen”. 

My signs point at the signs of the 3 LD18 incumbents’ who are amazingly running for office yet again.  However they are so afraid that you will connect their dirty underhanded deeds to them that they are resorting to law breaking to prevent the information from getting out.

I have had a minimum of 100 signs stolen or destroyed by the LD18 bribe takers thus far with the anticipation that the thefts will continue, as we will never stop planting our signs.  Now no self respecting law abiding American can condone having rotten apples in our midst so we must end the careers of these individuals during this Primary Election.  Tell your friends and relatives that it’s NO when it comes to Dial, Robson, McComish, and all the other vote sellers in the Coalition of Corruption.


See this link for information about all of the ill doers. Click here: The Patriots Corner-facebook This site is dedicated to undesirables of the Brewer/Obama Medicaid Expansion Fraud.


If you see any signs being tampered with or stolen, please call police, take a picture, get a licence number and we will make them famous.


Mike Richardson PC LD18


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