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Ice Water In Hell Democracy

Posted: 2014-08-06

June 22, 2014 Marvin E. Fox

“Ice Water In Hell Democracy’ has just been published by an 81 year old conservative author. It is probably newsworthy because of the age of the author and the title of the novel. The message below says more about the book; it doesn’t say it is a fun read, but it is.

The following is an excerpt from my new satire "Ice Water In Hell Democracy." You may find the excerpt and perhaps some of the internal narrative of the novel useful to you in your political activities. Good Luck!


Satire is the best method to write about our Republic's phony democracy, which remains with us today as an undefined system of government. Over a period of many years many Americans have assumed democracy to be our basic form of government. That assumption is totally false but politically useful.

Democracy's lack of definition allows politicians to target the actions of our Republic's governance from a nonexistent base that pretends it is the form of our government. We Americans are expected to accept the idea that our Republic's liberty and greatness are owed to an undefined and non-ratified democracy that first became active as a political party more than 50 years after our Declaration of Independence.

Marvin E. Fox

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