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Frank Riggs for all the Right Reasons

Posted: 2014-08-08

8-8-14(reprinted with permission from Gilbert Watch)

Dear Friends of Liberty,


As gubernatorial candidate for Governor Frank Riggs travels Arizona, his campaign is quickly gaining momentum, and he’s rising in the polls.  The voters believe what he says, because his record of performance backs up his promises.  The truth is that, unlike other candidates, the more that voters learn about Frank Riggs, the more determined they are to vote for him. 


Please send this email to all your contacts, and ask them to send it to their email list, creating a “chain email.”   Please ask them to visit Frank’s website:  http://www.riggsforazgov.com/.  Also, here’s the link to Frank's recent mailer that can also be forwarded or downloaded and printed for distribution:  http://riggsforazgov.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/riggs-mail.pdf 

Here are a few highlights from the Performance Record of Frank Riggs:


·        Frank Riggs is the only gubernatorial candidate who's a military veteran (U.S. Army); the only candidate with actual public safety experience as a police officer and deputy sheriff.  He is the only candidate with experience in K-12 education as a school board president and CEO of the largest nonprofit corporation and Community Development Financial Institution dedicated to helping public charter schools with their financing and facility needs (including Arizona charter schools that today educate over 5,000 students).  As a national leader of the school choice and charter school movements, he will protect local control in K-12 education by repealing Common Core on Day One.

·         Frank Riggs is the only candidate who's a former U.S. Congressman where he served with distinction as a leader and reformer.  He organized the Gang of 7 to expose the House Bank and Post Office scandals and earned top ratings from National Right to Life for his pro-family, pro-life voting record, including votes to defend traditional marriage and ban partial birth abortion.  He earned top ratings from the NRA for his voting record in support of the 2nd Amendment and Gun Owners' rights.  He earned an "A" grade from Numbers USA, a national grassroots organization with two million members, for his votes to control immigration and combat amnesty measures.  He has received many accolades from other national organizations supporting private property rights, taxpayers, small business, and free enterprise.

·        Frank Riggs has promised to defend our state sovereignty against the ever-expanding federal government, secure our border and put Arizona first!  

These are just a few of the reasons I support Frank Riggs.  But there is another, much more important, reason.  As I have worked with him over the past months, I have detected some unmistakable leadership qualities that are sorely needed in our next Governor:  Conviction, Courage, and Determination.  He is a fighter for Arizona and Arizonans.  He won’t shy away, make excuses, or run from the battle.  Arizonans deserve a proven, conservative leader with a track record to back his promises, and the courage to make the right decisions. 

In the Name of God, Family, and Self-Governance,


Anita Christy, Publisher



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