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Agenda 21 For Governor

Posted: 2014-08-09

Arizona Freedom Alliance on March 15, 2014

Most of us know all about Agenda 21, the One World Order system signed on to by President George H. W. Bush the Elder in the 1990's.  If you aren't familiar with this program, you can go to the Information Pages tab and scroll down to the Watching Agenda 21 and read all about it.  

In a nutshell, it's handing over American Sovereignty to the United Nations.  This is being accomplished by agents of the Government stealthily going from town to town throughout the several states and selling their bucket of wares as the pathway to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  And quite a few cities and towns in Arizona have bought into the bright shiny object they think they will be getting.

But what has this to do with Governors?  And Arizona's Governor's race in 2014?

Enter Mesa Mayor Scott Smith.  We've been to numerous events where Scott Smith has been speaking.  People swoon (remember the Obama swooners?) after he speaks.  He's a very jolly, affable guy to be sure.  Listen closely to his words on his policy positions, few that they are.  He loves to be self-deprecating and occasionally he hits on an actual policy point.  People leave thinking he's just the best.He laughs it up and people like feeling good.  AFA often has people mingle to hear comments about candidates in this and other races.  Comments about Smith always center on how funny he is, how charming he is but never about how qualified he is.

Mesa residents have a similar view.  They think he ran for Mayor as a direct springboard to the Governor's race given he didn't even serve out one four-year term (just like Obama in the Senate!). That's not the critical issue, however.  This is:

"In the United States, over 528 cities are members of ICLEI (International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives), an international sustainability organization that helps to implement the Agenda 21 and Local Agenda 21 concepts across the world. The United States has nearly half of the ICLEI's global membership of 1,200 cities promoting sustainable development at a local level.

"(Arizona cities who are a part of the ICLEI include Chandler, Flagstaff, Goodyear, Tempe and Tucson.  ***Mesa Mayor Scott Smith*** who is currently the ***Vice President*** of the U.S. Conference of Mayors (a partner of the ICLEI), signed off on a "climate change compact" in October 2009. [*** added]

""...The mayor of Mesa, Arizona became the 1,000th leader to sign on to a climate change agreement under the United States Conference of Mayors."
"  In signing the compact, local leaders commit to urging federal and state governments to enact policies and programs to "meet or beat the greenhouse gas target suggested for the United States in the Kyoto Protocol: a 7% reduction over 1990 emissions levels by 2012.

"Just so you are aware, other local mayors who have signed the compact over the years include: "

Source: S.H.I.E.L.D.

Warning:  If you want to see the entirety of Arizona to get on board with Agenda 21, vote for Scott Smith!  Some savvy voters in the grassroots movement know this about Smith but it's sure not anything you will get Smith to reveal.


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