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Michele Reagan: Her Record versus Her Rhetoric

Posted: 2014-08-23

8-23-14 (reprinted with permission from Gilbert Watch)

Do not be fooled by Michele Reagan's rhetoric.  Know her by her record!  Elected officials know they can't escape their records.  Some folks, like Michele Reagan, divert attention from their record of performance with campaign rhetoric.  When you don't know if you can believe what they say, take a look at what they have done.  Don't consider just one or two votes, but enough to form a pattern.  Just a reminder:  Democrats vote in virtual lockstep to nationalize education, destroy the family unit, destroy the unborn, destroy jobs, destroy the free market, destroy state sovereignty, and destroy our economy.  The problem is that Michele Reagan is one of those Republicans who, too often, votes with them.  


HB2666  (March 2006).  Voted NAY to requiring a notarized statement from a parent before a minor can obtain an abortion.  Michele Reagan and two other Republicans voted against this.  Even some Democrats voted for this bill!  Click HERE for information about the bill.  Click HERE to see the vote. The 2 Republicans who voted with Reagan are no longer in office.  

HB2036  (April 2012).  The only Republican to vote NAY to Prohibiting Abortions after 20 weeks.   Click HERE for information about the bill.  Click HERE to see the vote. 

SB1175 (July 2009)  The only Republican to vote NAY to Prohibiting non-physicians from performing abortions.  Click HERE for information about the bill.  Click HERE to see the vote. 

HB2254 (April 2006)  One of 3 Republicans to vote NAY to informing women of fetal pain involved in an abortion.  Click HERE for information about the bill.  Click HERE to see the vote. The 2 Republicans who voted with Reagan are no longer in office.    

HB2263.  (March 2008).  Vetoed by Janet Napolitano.  The ONLY Republican to vote NAY for the second time (See HB2641) to requiring Informed Consent of a minor seeking an abortion. Click HERE to see the bill.  Click HERE to see the vote.      

HB2641.  (March 2007).  Same as HB2263.  The ONLY Republican to vote NAY to requiring Informed Consent of a minor seeking an abortion. Click HERE for information about the bill.  Click HERE to see the vote.   . 


HB2696 (March 2006). One of 4 Republicans to vote NAY to giving married couples preference in adopting children.  Click HERE for information about the bill.  Click HERE to see the vote.  


SB1310. (March 2014).  Voted NAY to prohibiting the implementation of Common Core.  Click HERE to see the bill. Republican Senators Michele Reagan, Steve Pierce, Bob Worsley, John McComish, and Adam Driggs joined all the Democrats to vote NAY.  Click HERE to see the vote. 

HB2544.  (February 2009).  Republican Representative Reagan was the ONLY Republican to join 9 Democrats to sponsor a bill that would require that Kindergartners through 12th grade be provided with "instruction on SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED INFECTIONS, INCLUDING acquired immune deficiency syndrome and the human immunodeficiency virus."  Fortunately, this bill was held in Committee.  Click HERE to see the bill.   
Click HERE to see the bill's sponsors.


SB1492. (May 2013).  Voted YEA to expanding Medicaid Eligibility, adding another 300,000 people to taxpayer-funded Medicaid benefits.  No proof of citizenship is required. Click HERE to see the bill.  Republican Senators Michele Reagan, Steve Pierce, Bob Worsley, John McComish, Adam Driggs, and Rich Crandall joined all the Democrats to vote YEA.  Click HERE to see the vote.

HB2209 (June 2008)  One of 3 House Republicans who voted with all Democrats to approve Napolitano’s massive deficit producing budget.  Even John McComish and Adam Driggs couldn't stomach this one.  The 2 Republicans who voted with Reagan are no longer in office.  Click HERE to see the bill.  Click HERE to see the vote.

State Sovereignty

HCR2004 (April 2012)  Voted NAY to State Sovereignty over Certain  Natural Resources.  Michele Reagan, Rich Crandall, Steve Yarbrough, John McComish, and Adam Driggs joined all the Democrats to vote against the bill.  Click HERE for information about the bill.  Click HERE to see the vote.   

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