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City Employees Removing Override Signs?!

Posted: 2013-10-27

(via email 10-27-13)

A Motorist’s observation:

 October 23, 2013 – 2:25PM


This afternoon I was in the southbound left-turn lane at the intersection of Sossaman and E. Baseline, waiting for the ‘green arrow.’ As I looked across the intersection I saw two men, taking down the lawfully posted signs representing the two views (“Yes” and “No”) concerning the upcoming vote on November 5, “for” or “against” a Budget override for Gilbert Public Schools.

     When the light turned green, I proceeded across the intersection, heading east on Baseline. I crossed the drainage canal and pulled completely off the road, turned on my ‘blinkers’ and walked back toward the men. By now they had finished their task and were taking both signs back to a pick-up truck, facing south on the shoulder of the northbound lane.

     When they saw me coming and heard me calling, “Wait, what are you doing?” they stepped up their pace toward the waiting truck. A third man began walking toward me. As we met, he asked politely, “May I help you sir.”

     It was obvious that he was with the other two men and logical to assume that he was in charge. “Yes, thank you,” I replied, then asked, “Why are these men removing those signs?”

     “We were told to come here and ‘clean up the trash laying on the ground,’” he responded.

     “And who was it that told you to do that?” I pressed.

     The City of Mesa sent us out to clean up the debris.

     I pressed further, “What was the name of the person who gave you those instructions?”

     “Ms. Jones,” the man in charge replied.

     I pointed out that the signs they had just removed were not ‘laying on the ground,’ but were standing upright supported by iron re-bar poles.  There were, in fact, some signs ‘laying on the ground’ but no attempt had been made to collect and remove them. Something’s wrong with this picture.

     Just for the record: the “Yes” signs were paid for by GPS with tax-payer funds while the “No” signs were paid for by private citizens.

     I requested that they give me the “No tax override” sign, which they had already put on the truck bed, pointing out that it was private property. They complied without further discussion.

     I took the sign back to my car. It is still in my possession – awaiting suggestion(s) concerning what to do with it.


     QUESTIONS: What kind of complaint should we bring to the City of Mesa?

Whom should we contact there? Who would be the most prominent person for this? AND – What should I do with the ‘rescued’ sign, now in my possession.

Bill Bathman – (480) 354-9340

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Previous Comments

From: eastvalleynewsnetwork@gmail.com Posted on: 2013-10-31

The override is a subversion of the will of the people.  Off year ballot initiatives are immoral as few people vote. This is the only reason why they are pushed so hard by the taxaholics. Yes, we will see who contributed to this injustice and will remember.

From: info@overridetruth.com Posted on: 2013-10-30

So someone who works at a job in the public sector is not allowed to donate their money as they see fit? What about people who work in the private sector? Are they allowed to donate as they see fit? And how, may I ask, do you know who has donated to the YES signs?

Are you a member of that committee? It is true some GPS administrators did donate, but their donations are not even 5% of our total donations. Financial reports must be filed by November 1 so you can view it then.

From: Soylattegirl@yahoo.com Posted on: 2013-10-29

Exactly what I said was happening when the "no" campaign accused the yes campaign of sign stealing. The City removes all signs as debris if it is not legally placed. The sign must be a certain number of feet from the egress. Yet an unnamed no side person, wrote a letter to a board member making accusations of associations with "common thieves" referring to sign stealing. It sounds like someone should apologize and then go retrieve the rest of their signs from the City of Gilbert and Mesa. 

From: pmvgamundo@gmail.com Posted on: 2013-10-29

they took down my self financed GPS override 6% vs Chandler 15% signs as well.  I will have to look into the legal / civil rights ramifications of this blatant theft after the election.  my name and phone number were on the signs, they could have called me.  

From: eastvalleynewsnetwork@gmail.com Posted on: 2013-10-29

Even though the signs were not paid for DIRECTLY with GPS funds there is certainly a lot of money behind the YES signs that comes from employees and contractors who receive monies from the taxpayers. So the statement that the YES signs were paid for by GPS is only partially inaccurate. Indeed, the GPS administrators are some of the biggest contributors to the YES signs

From: jhbookfan@gmail.com Posted on: 2013-10-29

A correction to this article please: all yes signs have been paid for with donations.  None have been paid for by taxpayers.  Citizens for Strong Schools, the PAC working in favor of passage of the Gilbert Public Schools Override, as a group of community members working together in support of continuing local funding for education.  The State Legislature provides a minimum base support in per pupil funding and expects local communities to participate in local funding of their public schools through overrides.--Citizens for Strong Schools Committee.

From: info@overridetruth.com Posted on: 2013-10-29

Just for the record, The GPS Signs were not paid for by tax paters, they are also paid for by private citizens. 

From: shimauma42@gmail.com Posted on: 2013-10-27

give them to private citizens to post in their yards. City can't touch them then.


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