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Despicable Horde Seeks To Bring Down Gilbert Schools Conservatives

Posted: 2014-10-27

EAN 10-27-14 

[EAN EDITOR'S NOTE: The Bullies of Gilbert Public Schools have been relentlessly nasty to anyone who opposes them. They are a radical leftist mob who would rather destroy the entire community than loss even a little power. The following is from a recent guest Commentary in the East Valley Tribune entitled "Nicita: Stand for something or fall for anything" by Joe Nicita]


"The collaborative network includes, but is not limited to:

• Save our dedicated GPS employees (Facebook page, anonymous administrators)

• Unite for Education (Political action committee)

• GPS Board Observer (WordPress blog, anonymous administrators)

• Take Back Our Board (blog, run by Blake Sacha, who also chairs Jill Humpherys’ campaign)

• Parents for a Fair School Board (Facebook page, anonymous administrators)

• The Gilbert Onion (the latest in the many anonymous, defamatory entities that support Humpherys and Santa Cruz, also with anonymous administrators)

The following are just a few local influencers associated with and linked to the above network: E.J Anderson, Blake Sacha, Suzy Horvath, Susan Lord Jackson, Susan Keuter, Mike McClellan, Shannon Dougherty. I have personally reached to many of these networks, and in some cases people directly, in an attempt to work together for Gilbert. The response was the same in all cases. Each has no interest in working together to bring the community closer. That’s a shame, and it was supremely disappointing

What these entities share are the following:

• They all support Humpherys and Santa Cruz

• They viciously attack Gilbert residents and volunteers that don’t share their views

• They distribute personal information, including home addresses, about Gilbert residents who don’t share their views

• They share, distribute and broadcast false, libelous content throughout these networks

• They remain anonymous by not providing bylines • They take pride in being anonymous

• They cause public disturbances

• They perpetuate damaging rumors

The exhibit of historical and ongoing conspiracies within the above network dates back over time. I’m only scratching the surface with the list above.

This is flat-out collusion by definition. Anyone who does not share the views of the above network of entities is subject to slanderous, defamatory attacks by any, and in some cases, all of the above entities. They attack with no accountability, and no consequences. You will find that the ongoing attacks within the above network are planned, strategic and consistent.Why would someone do this? Why would someone go to these depths? It’s hard to fathom, but it is reasonable to see that those on the defense do not want new voices in Gilbert to be heard, much less gain traction. So they attack.

For this network, it’s no longer about Gilbert, it’s no longer about our children. For this network,It’s about control.. It’s about “taking their board back,” an actual phrase used in a blog created by Sacha.

I’m not communicating this because I support Dawn Brimhall, Reed Carr or Ron Bellus for Gilbert Public School Board. I’m conveying this information because I do not and will not support the tasteless, inappropriate decorum by the network that supports Humpherys and Santa Cruz. This divisive, cowardly behavior needs to be investigated, exposed and put to an end. The people behind this dark curtain need to be held accountable."



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