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Phoenix: $1 Million taxpayer dollars - WASTED!‏

Posted: 2014-11-12

11-10-14 Sal Diciccio


Less than 24 hours after the pension reform election, city insiders have figured that it should be business as usual.  


Wednesday, with Mayor Stanton being the critical swing vote, the council passed a $1 million expenditure to hire a pollster to poll your feelings.


This vote happened less than a day after the critical election that would have reformed our unsustainable pension expense. This council expenditure marked the biggest comeback in cityhistory …. for City Insiders.


Councilmembers, Jim Waring, Thelda Williams, Bill Gates and myself voted against this nonsense. Councilman Michael Nowakowski took a leadership position and asked to re-consider the expenditure.


My question for you - are these your priorities?  Consider where else this money could go:

  • Phoenix is short over 500 police for our neighborhoods
  • We expect to see another budget shortfall this year
  • Pension costs are going up over $18 million each year (yes, these are new expenses every year).
  • Phoenix told domestic violence victims we have no more togive.

Again, you have my commitment to roll up my sleeves and tocontinue to work to bring fiscal accountability to our greatcity. I will continue to show you were your money is going and whether it fits the priorities you believe we should be funding.
My Best to you and your family, 


Sal DiCiccio 
Phoenix City Council 
District 6

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