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Textbook Selection And Secular Jihadists

Posted: 2014-11-22

by Harry Mathews 11-22-14 Education Action Network


Every time the subject of textbook selection comes up in our local school board meetings the Secular Extremists (S.E.) go into attack mode. If a parent or grandparent or just plain old “irrelevant” taxpayer expresses disapproval of any proposed textbook (which are sometimes put forward for review by S.E.s) they are accused of at least, all of these following:

1)      Depriving children of much needed information

2)      Being stupid and backwards

3)      Trying to ban books

4)      Trying to burn books

5)      Trying to destroy the school



These accusations are so outrageous, insulting and ridiculous that reasonable people are often frustrated and speechless. My mother has told me more than once to never argue with a fool because he will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience. Wise words indeed. Nevertheless we still must deal with the issue of textbook selection


On the other hand if a S.E. wants to ban a book (and they OFTEN do) they will say of the book that:

1)      It’s inaccurate

2)      It’s backwards

3)      It’s hate speech


Yet, in our school board meetings, we have the self appointed sages of the district get up and tell us we need to reconcile and of course what that means is let the S.E.s have their way. Does anyone do this in their own home? If a child has a temper tantrum does the parent just give the child what it wants to make it shut up? I fear that this is often the case. And, the results can be seen. The child often grows up to be a selfish narcissistic creep.

And, what happens when society allows the S.E.s to have their way? We can see the results of this as well:

1)      Broken borders

2)      Overflowing prisons

3)      Bankrupt Federal Government

4)      Broken marriages

5)      Rioting in the streets

6)      And other social ills too numerous to list here


If we truly want to reconcile the community it will have to be the Secular Extremists who will need to compromise because rational, sane people are too busy being responsible adults to argue with fools.

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