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Correcting Political Correctness: How To Speak Conservative - Part 1

Posted: 2014-11-30

EVNN Editor 11-30-14


America, You’ve been played. Political Correctness is a clever process designed to control people’s thoughts by controlling people’s speech. If you can control what people say, then you can change the way people think. The problem here is that Political Correctness is based entirely upon lies. So, what Political Correctness does is convince people to believe lies. Progressive Socialist actually believe that they can improve society by getting people to believe lies. In reality, this “better world” is one in which elites have increasingly more power and the average citizen has increasingly less power. PC is simply a huge power grab and that power is eventually grabbed from everyone.

In order for elitists to gain total power, they use a strategy that has been used throughout time: support the weakest demographic/tribe and work your way up through the social strata. Today, in America, some of these arbitrary small demographics/tribes include homosexuals, transsexuals, blacks and so on. The elites support the smaller demographics in order to take power away from the larger demographics. The larger demographic, that is primarily targeted, in our case, is Americans of European descent. And, so, the destruction of America proceeds in the name of standing up for the underdog. In the end game no one will have any power except for the elites and this powerlessness will include the smaller demographics/tribes as well.

So, what to do? Just stop playing the game. To speak Conservative means to speak the truth. Once you stop playing along with the speech games, the narrative begins to crumble. I’ll take you through this one Politically Correct speech term at a time.

Upper Class vs. Middle Class vs. Lower Class

This is a false premise because America is a Classless society. We are Upper Income, Middle Income and Lower Income in demographic but very few Americans stay in any one demographic throughout their entire lives. Most of us start out as poor students. Then we get jobs and our incomes tend to rise throughout our working years and then in retirement many of us have to accept a lower standard of living unless we have a government pension or a pension from a fascist corporation, but I digress.

            So, to put a stop to this particular lie, just stop saying Upper Class vs. Middle Class vs. Lower Class and instead use the terms Upper Income, Middle Income and Lower Income.

Stayed tuned for part II

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