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Matt Papke: Why I Booed For McCain

Posted: 2015-01-31

Why I booed for McCain

Matt Papke

I booed Senator John McCain and I am unapologetic for my actions.

I am sorry however that I stooped to meet this man who called US citizens “Low Life Scum.” Typically you would not find me booing, I would normally walk out, no need to share the air with someone of that caliber.

But this time was different the booing or jeering was a countermove to McCain's bold attempt at flanking the Republican Statutory Meeting.

It was gray and a little cold early in the morning I pulled into my parking space, turned down my radio and started to gather my things. Over my right shoulder I noticed a large gray bus pulling in. This is odd I thought to myself. I’ve attended several Meetings and never seen a bus. I reasoned perhaps the State Committeemen from a far off county decided to ride in together. Thinking little more of it I pooled my clipboards and pens and headed for the hall.

After credentialing and shaking hands I made my way in the chamber to listen to a few of the speakers.

I had wondered why the speakers spoke before conducting our most important business. It seemed backwards to me, if I was in charge I think I would reverse it. It stopped raining for a moment and I headed outside to see some friends. off in the distance we saw a gathering of yellow flags coming towards us. “Hmm I wonder what that is she said”

As they got closer we were able to read their signs, “Thank you McCain” read one. Uh oh.

Quickly I realized what was happening. The State Committeemen and women of the Arizona Republican Party were getting flanked. The same group that had censured the Senator with 86% of the vote were now about to be part of a political theater. McCain, I reasoned, or his cadre were seating the Vietnamese delegation upstairs in the balcony. The vast majority of the credentialed body however was seated below with their backs to the balcony and had no idea who was being placed above them.

The plan was to have McCain take the stage, again not on the agenda, and receive a thunderous round of applause to make it seem there was massive support for him and his agenda in the Republican Party. Some people surely not knowing where the applause was coming from would clap due to peer pressure. McCain’s moment would then be captured by the awaiting press corps. If you recall an article was published on AZ Central posted literally minutes after the McCain appearance.

I took an oath to defend the United States Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic. I could not stand by idly and allow this charade to continue. Myself and a group of patriots worked to alert key individuals in different parts of the body to the ruse that was at play. The element of surprise was foiled as more and more began looking over their shoulders and murmuring amongst themselves.

When McCain did take the stage he was roundly booed and verbally accosted. The cheering yellow flag waving balcony was muted and reality won the day.

I do not normally stoop to the level of rudeness. But this day I did, not to chide the Senator, but to stand with the 86% of the grassroots activists who censured him. I would not allow them to be outflanked, they are my brothers and sisters in this war for our Republic.  

Semper Fidelis

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