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Unions Are Bleeding Phoenix Dry

Posted: 2015-06-19


Published on Jun 17, 2015

Phoenix City Council Formal Meeting June 3, 2015 - Phoenix Councilman Sal DiCiccio speaks out against outrageous employee pay raises, bonuses and perks in the Phoenix 2015-2016 budget. DiCiccio argues that the City of Phoenix must get its fiscal house in order as pension expenses increase, employees receive raises and bonuses and the city seeks a $31.5 Billion transit project.


Phoenix Budget -Your Money, what the media will not tell you:
Arizona Freedom Alliance 6-19-15
Mayor Stanton led the charge to hand out $17 Million in  pay raises and bonuses to the government unions. I opposed the fiscally irresponsible move which adds to the Phoenix fiscal and pension crisis.
Mayor Stanton's budget:
  • $109,000/year - The average cost per person for over 12,000 employees
  • 40.5 - The days off a starting union clerk gets in first year of work
  • $69 Million added in interest cost to pay for pensions
  • $319 Million - Total yearly pension and retirement costs....growing every year
The same politicians who are voting to give your money away to the unions and their pals are the same ones pushing for Prop 104, the $31.5 Billion train tax. Prop 104 will send your hard earned dollars to the unions.
Your voice will matter this August 25th.
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