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Gilbert Wellness & Resources Center Proposal - One Resident's Opinion

Posted: 2015-06-24

(reprinted with permission from Gilbert Watch) 6-24-15

It is concerning that the Town of Gilbert wants to get into a public/private partnership to offer healthcare.  The proposal before the town council clearly states that one of the private agencies would “act as the lead agency and the Town’s management organization for daily operations for the facility.”  The organizational chart has the Town of Gilbert at the top with all the private entities underneath.  This isn’t just a matter of the town paying for the building and letting other private entities use it, it is actually a partnership.  

The needs assessments that were done by the town and two other entities refer to the areas that still need to be met for members of our community.  In my professional experience, offering healthcare in some of the “need areas” that are listed could be opening a can of worms and have unintended consequences.  

Our town has done an excellent job in attracting the medical industry to Gilbert.  I think it is great that the private agencies want to offer services to those in need and I encourage them to do just that.  I simply don’t support the Town of Gilbert being in partnership with or giving any funds to support organizations that are capable of providing them on their own.  

I encourage Gilbert residents to read the last 28 pages of the large agenda packet for the June 25th council meeting.  It discusses the proposal for the CDBG for this project and the Gilbert Wellness & Resource Center proposal.  Click HERE

Christine Accurso
Resident of Gilbert, AZ

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