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Silencing the Dissent cannot become the New Normal

Posted: 2016-03-08

3-7-16 Kathy Boatman

Americans have watched and read about the arrests of the Bundy Family and their supporters in the past few weeks, the public outcry has growand rallies were held all across the country on March 5, 2016 in support of LaVoy Finicum and the Political Prisoners. The Free Press isn't so free and has given the growing Liberty movement little to no coverage. They will do this until it becomes personal and one of their family members is persecuted. By then it may be too late.  

It has become personal for the Finicum family and thousands of other Americans who are speaking up and trying to stand for justice and what is right. Ariana Finicum Brown, LaVoy's daughter spoke to the crowd at the Rally in Phoenix this weekend. She spoke of freedom being lost and what a good, kind, patriotic man her father was. How he loved teaching the Constitution and knew he had to stand against the injustice of the Hammond's being sent to prison for a second time. All the while with a baby on her hip on one side and a megaphone in the other hand. She is the face of why we must fight for all of these political prisoners. We must fight for freedom and fight to protect our harvest. 


In an article written by Brandon Smith, and linked below, he wrote "At the very onset of what would become the Soviet Empire, Vladimir Lenin decreed the creation of a national internal army called the “Cheka.” The Cheka were handed very broad police powers and tasked with the disruption and elimination of any form of dissent within the communist system. Lenin launched what would later be known as the “Red Terror”, in which nearly every Russian population center had an established Cheka office of operations using surveillance, infiltration, nighttime raids, imprisonment, torture and execution to silence opposition to the authority of the state". 

The article goes on to state, "Incremental prosecution and oppression is effective when the establishment wishes to avoid outright confrontation with a population. Attempt to snatch up a million people at one time, and you will have an immediate rebellion on your hands. Snatch up a million people one man at a time, or small groups at a time, and people do not know what to think or how to respond. They determine to hope that the authorities never get to them, that it will stop after a few initial arrests, or they hope that if they censor themselves completely, they will never be noticed. 


In fact, corrupt governments issue warrants of arrest for a handful of dissenters and initiate imprisonment in a very public manner in the beginning with the express purpose of making examples and inspiring self censorship in the masses so that the authorities do not have to expend large amounts of resources to fight a more complex rebellion. "  


We are witnessing this very thing. People are being targeted for their opposition to the "authorities".  It isn't new but it is becoming more frequent and damaging to our freedom. Representative Jason Chaffetz and Chris Stewart held a Congressional Listening Session in St George Utah on Jan. 22, 2016. Many citizens of Utah spoke about the collusion with environmental groups, the closed door meetings of these government agencies, the broken promises and the double standards that are just a part of the problem citizens and local governments are experiencing while dealing with the Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management and FBI. 


Mike Noel stated, "What's going on in Utah and the West has to be stopped or there will be bloodshed."  

Phil Lyman spoke about his situation that was in the news and reported by Fox 13-Salt Lake City, UT Dec 18, 2015 " A county commissioner who led a protest ride into southeastern Utah's Recapture Canyon was sentenced to serve 10 days in jail. 

San Juan County Commissioner Phil Lyman was given the jail term, plus three years probation "to promote respect for the law," U.S. District Court Judge David Nuffer said." 


The article continued, "Lyman will b e allowed to self surrender to serve his 10 days behind bars sometime in April at Washington County's Purgatory Jail. He and co-defendant, Monte Wells, will have to pay $96,000 in restitution. Wells was sentenced to five days in jail. 


Lyman and Wells were convicted by a jury for their roles in the May 10, 2014 protest ride in Recapture Canyon, where people drove ATVs through the area in protest of federal road closures. The area had been closed off by the BLM. Federal prosecutors claim Lyman organized the protest and Wells publicized it." 


Dr. Jay Redd also told of the persecution of his father Dr. James Redd in 2009 who was arrested and charged with a felony for having a bead/an Indian artifact that was falsely inflate d in value and used by the FBI in a sting operation that resulted in multiple arrests and charges that devastated the Blanding Utah community. Dr. Redd committed suicide as a direct result of the way the FBI handled the so called "crime." The Redd family has filed a wrongful death claim to fight the persecution they have received by the FBI and the BLM. Dr. Jay Redd told me that he was personally charged with a crime for speaking, for telling his dad's story at the Recapture Canyon ride.   Simply for exercising his first amendment rights.  


Just this week Oreg on Governor Kate Brown released her communications that were sent during the time of the protest at the Oregon Refuge showing that her office discussed the Protest at the Refuge with the Director of the Nature Conservancy, Jim Desmond. He is quoted saying “We are hearing from multiple sources the Harney County residents’ sentiment is shifting very quickly to a higher degree of sympathy toward the occupation because they feel like their way of life is under siege by the national narrative and all the social media,”he wrote. 


The authorities felt they were losing the Public Relations battle, they had to "stop the Virus" before it spread as Oregon Senator Ron Wyden stated. This virus he speaks of is the Constitution and the Liberty Movement. As the Government becomes more desperate, more arrests are coming.  


 Just last week Jerry DeLemus, the husband o f New Hampshire State Rep Susan DeLemus was arrested at his home in New Hampshire. He is a TEA Party Leader and Co Chair of Veterans for Trump.  


Our government is becoming emboldened and dangerously vindictive to those that would dare to stand against them. The first Amendment is being shredded  as the authorities seem drunk with power. Will you stand against the tyranny or remain silent out of fear of retribution? 

Kathy Gibson Boatman 

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