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Posted: 2017-02-21

AJ LaFaro 2-20-17




I'm following-up to yesterday's e-mail with additional data research and analysis.  As many of you know,

I've been very vocal and outspoken over the years concerning the "City of Tempe Country Club" and its

elitist members.  I've always felt their salaries, benefits and pensions were outrageous and unsustainable.

This latest data research and analysis clearly proves the City of Tempe is absolutely out-of-control!

The only way they can fund these outrageous salaries, benefits and unsustainable pensions is to continue 

to "pack and stack" Tempe's 40.1 square miles with high rise, high density and high crime apartment 

complexes.  According to "" and "datausa", only 41.8% of Tempe's housing units are 

occupied by owners.  This is much lower than the national average of 63.9%.

Attached is a list of the City of Tempe's Top Employees and their annual total compensation for FY12-FY16.

I hope you're sitting down and don't have any heart problems when you start reviewing it!  Please note the 

last four individuals are the presidents of Tempe's four unions (over 94% of the employees are union members).  

I think all of them are considered to be on "release time" so we pay them to do union work. 


I've included some additional links below that might be of some interest:


Tempe's Annual Budget for July 1, 2016 - June 30,, 2017

Contact List for many of Tempe's Top Employees


"Tempe employees to get pay raise for next year"

(headline should have read "Tempe employees to get huge pay raises at the expense of Tempe's tax payers")

"My Turn: Police and firefighters urge you to vote yes on Tempe bond questions"(this was written by the presidents of Tempe's police and firefighter unions who we pay hundreds of thousands of dollars
to do union work and neither of them live in Tempe)

In my opinion, we will never be able to "Make America Great Again" when there are swamps like Tempe, Washington DC et al.
I hope I'm proven wrong.

A. J. LaFaro

I don't know about you, but I've always thought it costs a lot of money to live in Tempe.

The main reasons are the outrageous salaries, benefits and unsustainable pensions the

Tempe property owners and taxpayers are forced to pay the City of Tempe employees.


I periodically request fiscal year salary, benefit and pension reports by employee from the

City.  I already had FY12-13 so I decided to request FY14-15 and FY15-16.  I made my PIR

in November 2016 and finally received the information this past Friday, February 18, 2017.


Attached is a summary I created showing the average annual comp per City employee.

The average comp for FY15-16 was $117,310 per City employee.  Now keep in mind this is

just the average.  A majority of the firefighters and police officers make close to $150,000

and some undercover officers make well over $200,000.


This is outrageous if you consider the average household income in Tempe is $51,688.


So next time you open your water bill, pay your property taxes or look at how much you pay

in sales taxes - just remember you are helping make every Tempe city employee a millionaire.

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