'SMILE'...Flickr taught me how to greet people in every language

Posted: 2013-11-24

(Reprinted with permission from Atridim News Journal)

Captain Rick: Each day when I am on Flickr tending to my photos and photo groups, I am greeted by the Flickr team in a different language, when my mouse hoovers over my icon. Over the past many months I think I have received a greeting in every language spoken in every country on earth. It has been very educational.

Today I received a new greeting in a language I readily recognized. It is spoken by many of my friends that I meet on my daily morning walks. I congratulate the Flickr team for the huge smile that emerged upon my face when they greeted me with this today…


As a Flickr pioneer (paying member since January 2007), I appreciate the Flickr team for their great support and refinement over the years, especially the recent, totally new, awesome look and feel of Flickr. Your diligent efforts have propelled Flickr to become the most respected, quality home for photographic sharing.

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