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The Real Doug "The Dog" Ducey And The Questionable Company He Keeps

Posted: 2014-05-30


Ducey Image      Dog Ducey
         Doug Ducey's Image In The Media                                  The Real Doug "The Dog" Ducey


Wes Harris 5-30-14 
More information regarding who and why Doug Ducey 'hangs' with the people he does has been forwarded to me and is attached to this email.  In addition to his current 'political director' it seems that his relationship with Senator John McCain is far deeper than he would have us believe.  In fact the good Senator supported his run for Treasurer and Doug bundled donations for McCain's re-election campaign so the ties to McCain are very very strong and very real.  Not the 'chance meeting' he purports.

Then there is his connection with former Senator Jon Kyl...another 'establishment' Republican.  This one cannot be dismissed as a 'chance' connection by Mr. Ducey.  From these three relationships it is clear that Doug is strongly connected to the arm of the Republican Party that we conservatives despise.  The so called "Establishment" or put another way...Liberal Republicans.  You lie down with dogs, you get fleas Doug.

Most disturbing and why Doug would not tell me that he would kill Common Core if he won this election is the fact that he is also tied to Craig Barrett (the Chairman of both Achieve Inc. who drafted Common Core and Arizona Ready, what I call the States "Shadow Board of Education") who is  pushing Common Core.  Doug is beholding to Barrett and therefor I believe will do his bidding on Education.  This is bad news for our Children and Grandchildren should Doug be elected...possibly the worst news of all.  Oh yes, Doug told me he would expand funding for Charter Schools...funny Craig Barrett is the Chairman of Basis Charter Schools...I wonder if this is another 'chance' connection?

No sir...our best and only choice for Governor is Frank Riggs who has promised to kill Common Core outright and is not beholding nor connected to the old line "Liberal Republicans" as Ducey is.  Please consider supporting both Frank Riggs and Diane Douglas in the Primary which starts in just 60 days with early ballots mailed on July 31.

More dirt on the Dirty Douche Dog: LINK
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From: Posted on: 2014-06-15

I certainly will support Diane Douglas AND the 20+ year Arizona Resisdent Governor Candidate who came out against Common Core a long time ago.  Andrew Thomas has no problem torpedoeing the Federal Govt's continuing Takeover of Arizona education.  Learn more here: 

From: Posted on: 2014-05-31

Arizona now has a real choice of a leader. No party-line corrupt thug as we've seen the past 102 years.... JOHN LEWIS MEALER Indepdendent Constitutionalist. I work for you and know the limits of my authority as well as my duty to the state and my constituents. NO ONE ELSE can claim that and be telling the truth and no one else has CLEAN HANDS and I can prove it.

This is historical too. Independent Constitutionalist using a dead ballot access to fight the party-line corrupted and very well funded bad guys.

Top of the list for the Governor candidates..
. It will be between me, a Democrat, a Republican and my friend the Libertarian.


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