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Apology Or Apology - Was There Wrongdoing?

Posted: 2014-11-28

[Editor:  This is a follow up to our earlier post regarding complaints from LD16 as to the elections at their Organizational Meeting on November 20, 2014, read here:  http://arizonafreedomalliance.ning.com/group/arizona-news/forum/top...]

MCRC Chairman A. J. LaFaro: My Sincere Apology To Jerry Clingman, Mara Benson, Chad Heywood, Deborrah Miller And Taylor McArthur

A few days ago, I received several phone calls from LD16 Precinct Committeemen expressing their opinions and serious concerns about improprieties at the LD16 Organization/Election Meeting  that was held on November 20, 2014.  I requested they e-mail me their concerns and demands for the MCRC to nullify the election.  After reviewing their concerns and follow-up conversations with these individuals and others, I contacted Trevor Hansen informing him of the situation.  
      We exchanged several e-mails concerning the situation and I requested these e-mails be posted on the November 25, 2014, MCRC Briefs along with the initial written complaint from Jerry Clingman.

Posting Jerry Clingman's initial written complaint was poor judgment on my part and I want to publicly retract and sincerely apologize to Jerry Clingman, Mara Benson, Chad Heywood, Deborrah Miller and Taylor McArthur for publishing any false and defamatory statements that may have appeared in that initial written complaint - especially Mara Benson's role in the recent LD16 Organization/Election Meeting.

On November 26, 2014, several people received a Demand Letter from Kory Langhofer, Attorney at Law. The legal arguments he presented were compelling and I have personally concluded the MCRC, the MCRC Bylaws and the precepts the organization is governed by need to be thoroughly reviewed, discussed and understood as to the authority and responsibilities the MCRC legally has and does not have.  According to Kory Langhofer, the MCRC does not have the authority to nullify LD elections, thus my decision to nullify the LD16 Organization/Election was invalid.

I now realize the remedy for the LD16 Precinct Committeemen who feel their November 20th election was improperly conducted rests elsewhere - not with the MCRC.  For the record, I received written complaints not only from Jerry Clingman but several other individuals documenting their concerns demanding the MCRC nullify the election - including LD16 state elected officials and a precinct captain.  It is my understanding there are possibly other LD16 Precinct Committeemen who feel the same way.  Hopefully they will get justice.  I encourage these individuals to seek legal counsel.

Please note the following actions I have taken in order to comply to Kory Langhofer's demands:

1.  I requested Frosty Taylor immediately remove all the information concerning the LD16 Organization/Election issue from the MCRC Briefs.  That information was removed at 6:10am Thanksgiving Morning 11/27/2014.

2.  I requested Jerry Clingman immediately withdraw the Call to Meeting for the LD16 Organization/Election Meeting scheduled for Friday 12/05/2014.  It appears any possible remedy for the disenfranchised LD16 Precinct Committeemen rests elsewhere and I encourage them to seek legal counsel. 

3.  I wrote this letter of explanation and apology for publication in the Friday 11/28/2014 MCRC Briefs.  

Respectfully yours - A. J. LaFaro, Chairman, Maricopa County Republican Committee (MCRC)

[Editor:  Kory Langhofer has made a practice of representing various PCs who have or are accused of wrong-doing to gain control of elected seats they may not otherwise be able to win.  PLEASE NOTE:  There is nothing in this message that indicates that the wrong doing did not occur.  Having candidates working the credentials desk is tantamount to having the fox in the henhouse.  In our opinion, this message simply states that legal counsel is required to remedy the possible wrong doing.  Mr. Langhofer routinely threatens Republican Committees with lawsuits that he likely knows will shut down the process.  We report.  You decide.]

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